Another Kind Of A Fairy Tale Love Story

The Adventures Of An Astronaut Monkey

"The sweetness of doing nothing & cuddling only the one you fancy all your life! Oh, wouldn't that be so great and fun?" a strange talking monkey ask to a Princess of the land. "Of course it sure would and not only that, it would really make you feel so good and comfy as well, hmmmm", with a sweet smile of reply and with her very delicate graceful glance, she stretches out her right arm and tenderly caresses the monkey's right ear with her soft fingers, which gives tingling sensation to his senses. "Mmmm", a low weak sigh of relief and comfortable sound given back to her. A peaceful smile written all over his face while eyes are mischievously watching her every moves. An animal instinct from craving of the food he fancy but had left himself starving and thirsty in this Lost Island of Nowhere. He woke up one day in a dessert and as he walks to find his way, he ran vigorously when he thought he heard a sea wave from the south. He headed straight to it, with his left eye now so blurry and could not see clearly the beauty of this blue ocean. Though his right eye was shooting with pain caused by his sudden fall from the sky, as he remembered, he took off from the jet as instructed, but now his right eye was totally blind, yet he still managed to run fast to reach the ocean. But as he approached the open sea, the water was so clear that he began to dip his barefoot on it but was surprised of what he saw. He saw his reflection. He is a monkey.

Jaci Rae-My True Love Story

My name is Jaci Rae and this is my true love story. When I first began "serious" dating, everyone was supposed to be "the one." At least that's what everyone told me. 'He's the one for you.' 'When are you two going to get married?' 'Has he popped the question yet?' What many people never saw was the inner turmoil of the relationship and the way the man treated me behind the scenes.

Society sees single people as sad and alone, yet whenever I was in a relationship, I was deeply lonely. However, the underlying current of feeling lonely when I was in a relationship was much less when I was single, only now I had the added value of feeling rejected, too. Why? How could I be lonely when I had "the one" sitting next to me and how, when I was single and alone, could I feel less lonely than when I was with "the one?"

Other questions constantly raced through my mind such as: Was I always the wrong person? Why wasn't I ever Mrs. Right?

To give you more insight into me and how I ended up in a string of wash out relationships with men who broke my heart and my bank account many times you need a little understanding about my background.

A Great American Love Story

A Great American Love Story

The year was 1932, the year air conditioning was invented and the Zippo lighter. Americans were in the throes of the Great Depression and many were out of work and standing in long bread lines. Times were tough.

The year 1932 would also mark the beginning of a great American love story that would last for 75 years and still be going strong as of this writing! This is not your typical love story, not by a long shot. But it is indeed a story filled with love, and comradeship, heartbreak, sacrifice, and sheer joy.

It is the story of three American men who have been best buddies since the ages of 12, and 13, when first they met and started playing sandlot baseball together. Little did they know at the time, that their new friendship would last throughout all their high school days, World War II, and continue to flourish throughout their lives, even though geographical locations would eventually separate them physically.

But true friendship survives distance and circumstances. These three men are living proof of that. They share a unique bond that most of us would envy. They are emotional doppelgangers of each other.

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Iconic Love Story

The tale is legendary, heart warming and set in a stunning location. Based on true events, the story of Captain Corelli has captures the hearts of millions everywhere. Like every iconic love story ever made, the setting is simple yet dramatic. During World War 2, the local Doctors daughter of the small Greek Island of Kefalonia, waves goodbye to her fisherman fiance as he heads out to join the war effort.

Meanwhile Captain Corelli and his troops from Italy settle into the island with tragic consequences. When their paths cross, the tale unfolds as they fall passionately in love despite the circumstances and overcome the huge obstacles they meet.

At least they do in the film. The book however takes a slightly different approach and is less "chicken soup for the soul" and more of a hard hitting war story.

Despite this there is no denying that the location for this truly memorable story could not have been better. Kefalonia looks every inch the dramatic location needed for such a turbulent story. Ragged cliffs guard the white sands and the pearly blue sea. The island has become synonymous romance and love and since the Hollywood film hit the screens, tourism here has boomed.

Short Love Story

Le voyage - A short love story

The seas have calmed down after a stormy night. The waves have bid the sand back ashore. The sun has risen without any struggle; the fear of the unknown has walked past the dawn.

She walks slowly with her hair swiftly swaying with the cool cherry filled scent breeze marking the start of summer. She feels as light as a ball of cotton dancing into the midst of wilderness. A voice inside her heart is leading her to the same spot by the beach where she thought she would never set her feet again; but today is the day, she knows it. She believes she's ready, ready to face the past that slammed the door of a starry future, a future she thought was the realization of her dream from a not so distant present.

She stops where two gigantic beach stones are firmly set. She closes her eyes just as when the sun starts to rush below a layer of clouds signaling the nearing twilight.