The Components of Romantic Love

Love is said to exist in 3 stages, lust, attraction, and attachment. And for most of us, this is a well known fact. However, what many of us may not realize is, recent studies have shown that the brain, releases a certain set of chemicals, when people are in love.

These chemicals include Pheromones, Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Serotonin. Without getting technical, the outcome is a feeling of euphoria or excitement.

This chemical effect and lust, is said not to last more than a couple of months, and is the initial emotion which is experienced in romantic love.

The second stage of Love is, attraction, and is usually based on physical attraction, common interest, and attributes, such as money, status, job title, standing in the community, popularity, etc.

The first two stages of love, lust and attraction, are NOT enough to create a long term relationship. The third stage of love, "attachment" is needed to sustain a long term relationship.

The 10 Most Romantic Couples in History

Reams have been written about it; it has forged the most unusual alliances and triumphed over all odds. Like an elephant on rampage (not a very romantic simile but you get the picture), it has not bothered to see who lies in its path, and just completely consumes the persons involved. Yes, we are talking about this thing called Love. Down the decades, Cupid's arrows have sometimes caused two human beings to be so deeply, passionately and hopelessly in love that society and its dictates have simply fallen by the wayside. And we have devoured their immortal love stories, secretly envying these couples who found their matching halves or soul mates. And feeling encouraged to find our own prince or princess.

Here are 10 of the all time most romantic couples in mankind's history.

1. Romeo and Juliet. Arguably, the most famous pair of lovers of all time, this is one love story by William Shakespeare that has inspired generation of lovers, and continues to do so till today. Rome and Juliet are the ultimate synonyms for true, eternal love, and also of love's greatest sacrifice - one's own life.

2. Pyramus and Thisbe. Penned by the Roman poet Ovid in his work 'Metamorphoses', this is a tragic love story that probably set the tone for William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' several centuries later. In this story, two young lovers are next door neighbours but cannot meet openly because of their respective warring families. They used to meet secretly and one day agreed to have a rendezvous under the mulberry tree. Through a series of unfortunate incidents and colossal misunderstandings, both Pryramus and Thisbe die within minutes of each other, each killing oneself believing the other to be dead.

Romance Maker: Create Your Own Love Story

Throughout many centuries, people have been creating love stories for getting into romantic mood. Whether you are planning a date, a cozy evening with your lover, or there is the Valentine's Day occasion, you might want to get more prepared spiritually for sharing your love with your sweetheart. Whereas the boxes of chocolate hearts, fluffy teddy-bears, fresh flowers and cute colourful 'valentines' have always been, and will always remain a good option for boosting the romantic mood, why not treat yourself -- and perhaps your loved one -- with something different for a change?

Play this nice charming game, and perhaps you will discover in yourself a whole range of new talents: that of a match-maker (setting the two hearts together), of an experienced wooer (teaching a boy how to get his dream-girl pleased), of a romanticist (creating and re-creating your own love story), a voodoo adherent... Oh, perhaps we should not spill the beans as for the latter one, as more than a half of this game's charm lays in the unexpected turns of events. Depending on what sequence of components you choose for your love mixture!

Now, think well and try to answer the question -- what are the components of a good love story? Some would say, two lovers are all that is really takes. For others, material things would matter -- such as cars, expensive outings, diamond rings... Romantic natures would most probably mention love poems, white doves, picnics, songs 'just for two', the first kiss, the first night together, etc....

A Common Love Story

The story which I am going to tell here is a very common love story. It may not appear to be a love story at all. You might as well say that it is absurd. This is the problem in life. When we talk about life, they say it seems to be a story, and when we tell them a story, they say there is nothing like a story in it. We see and do all these things in our daily life. Even then a story is a story. It is your verdict now whether it is a story, or everyday incident of life.

Like many other evenings of the past years, the hero of our story, sitting on the raised wall along the Marine drive in Bombay, waiting for his heroine, is watching the play of the waves in the Arabian Sea. The sun has just disappeared behind the horizon, and it appears that before going it has spilled many buckets full of crimson colors. The colors have scattered over the horizon.

The hero may be called by any name. He may be between 22 and 28 years of age. He might be graduate, or post graduate. He could be a clerk in a bank or a private firm, or simply a store keeper in a factory. There are hundreds of such openings in this metropolitan city for the hero or the men like our hero. It hardly makes any difference whether he does this or that. He might be living in a slum, or sharing a room with four other roommates, or he could be a paying guest. It is also possible that our hero lives in a lodge and gets a bed in a room where twelve other persons sleep. One thing is for sure that he can not afford to pay even for a single room apartment.

A Classic Love Story

This is the story about how I met my nearest and dearest, it truly is a classic love story. You really can meet people in the most strangest of circumstances, not everyone meets via facebook or some dating website. In hindsight I actually think that I was very lucky or perhaps it was just fate that bought me and my wife together. I hope you enjoy the read.

I have always had a soft spot for dogs, mainly because my parents always seemed to have one as I was growing up. At the age of twenty-five, I decided to own my own dog and went to visit my local animal sanctuary. I soon spotted this very cute canine and immediately knew that this was the dog for me.

Her name was Cassie, she was a very excitable dog and could not stop jumping up and down, it seemed that she was extremely happy to meet me. Cassie took a while to settle in to her new home and was a little bit naughty at times. I realised that what she required was a lot of attention and a lot of walks.

The Twilight Book Set - A Vampire Love Story

If you're an enormous lover of enchanting fantasy books, you should certainly obtain the Twilight book collection. This selection encompasses four books authored by Stephenie Meyer, of which three of them have been turned into films.

The four books that make up the Twilight Saga are called Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

These 4 different books portray the world of a young girl called Isabella Swan and a young man called Edward Cullen. They are the two principal figures in the novels and we discover how they first met, the way they're drawn to each other as well as precisely what makes their connection intrinsically different compared to most couples who have just entered into a relationship.